We behave in accordance
with the sustainable development strategy

We want our customers, employees and communities where we operate
to perceive us in this way and we do our maximum to achieve that.

MONETA group values

We are innovating and creating banking services for the future.

We respect each other and treat others how we want to be treated.

We are all bearers of change and we share our achievements.

Cooperation and engagement
We enjoy our work and do it in the best way we can.

Credibility and

We act and make decisions according to our beliefs.

Sustainability Strategy

We consider being a socially responsible company a cornerstone of our business strategy. However, we are convinced that no sustainability can be effective without personal ethical commitment of the company’s leadership and its employees. We build on five basic values that we follow at work as well as in private. Our Code of Ethics is binding for us, we emphasize transparency, help philanthropic and environmental projects. We strictly respect human rights, support diversity and internal ecological policy on all levels. Find out more about our sustainable activities. We are MONETA.

• Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategy of MONETA Group
• Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategy of MONETA Group - key points

Economic Responsibility

We perceive growing interest in how we operate our business. We provide transparent information about our economic, environmental and social activities. It is natural for us to support culture based on transparency, integrity and focus on long-term perspective.

• Code of Ethics
• Transparency

Enviromental Responsibility

Our task as a leading banking institution is prosperity. But it cannot exist on a sick planet. It is, therefore, in our best interest – and it’s something we make significant investments into – to behave responsibly and encourage responsible behaviour within the communities where we operate. This is how we want to contribute to the symmetry between development and sustainability and we perceive this symmetry as one of our strategic objectives.

• Carbon Footprint Reduction
• Smart Landscape 2030+
• Corporate Sustainability Report


We support local communities and non-profit organization, especially in locations where we operate. We believe that our activities in this area encourage further development of civic society. We help disadvantaged children and adults as well as the elderly and we also support protection of the environment.

• MONETA Grant Programme
• Partnership
• Helping with Smart Banka

Corporate Social Responsibility

We care about our employees even outside the working hours. If they get into difficult life situation, they can receive support from our Social and Matching Fund. They can also share their problems with the Employee ombudsman.

• Social and Matching Fund
• MONETA Volunteers - We commit good
• MON FAIR/Diversity

Responsibility Towards Clients

We are a bank that always tries to bring its clients quality services, modern products and innovative solutions. We strongly cooperate, provide mutual support and try to be as close as possible to our clients.

• Client Ombudsman
• Green Investment Funds

Projects and activities

Smart Landscape 2030+

We cooperate with the Czech University of Life Sciences and are a proud partner of unique project Smart Landscape 2030+. Its purpose is to research how our landscape might behave after 2030 under the existing climate conditions with typical sudden changes between heavy rains and droughts using retention basins, moors and other biotechnological measures.

In 2021 we will contribute CZK 2.5 million to this project.

More information at www.cvpk.czu.cz.

MON FAIR/Diversity

At MONETA, we are aware that diversity and individuality contribute to our company culture. We have been long-term signatories of the Diversity Charter.

We were the only Czech company to be included in the prestigious “Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index 2020 (GEI)”.

MONETA Grant Programme

The purpose of our Grant Program is to support organizations helping disadvantaged children and adults, as well as the elderly and focusing on environmental protection while also engaging our employees. In 2020 we supported 42 non-profit organizations' projects with amount almost CZK 2.9 million.

More information

MONETA Volunteers

In the past year, our employees engaged in 89 volunteer programs under the WE COMMIT GOOD initiative and donated more than 3 700 volunteering hours to 36 non-profit organizations.

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