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Bond Program II

The Czech National Bank by its decision file no. 2009/2513/570 to file no. Sp/2009/79/572 as at 14. 4. 2009, which came into force on 15. 4. 2009, approved the Bond Program of Wüstenrot hypoteční banka a.s. in the amount of CZK 30 billion and with the program´s duration being 20 years. Details of the II. Bond Program are in the following links.

  MONETA Money Bank, a.s. announces the completed domestic merger. More information can be found in the Information and annoucement section below.

   The latest published documents:
- Interest and nominal payment notice HZL WHB VAR/23, ISIN CZ0002005689; in the section Information and Announcements – 2023
- Overview of the cover pool for mortgage backed bonds issued by the former Wüstenrot hypoteční banka a.s. as at 31 March 2023; in the section Mortgage backed bonds
- Interest and nominal payment notice HZL WHB 1.72/23, ISIN CZ0002005564; in the section Information and Announcements – 2023